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I completely agree.
There are very few companies capable of supporting both scale and maintaining customer service. The 3 I have used that always continue to impress me are Netflix, Zappos.com , and Woot (purchased by Amazon).
The primary thing that I believe drives these businesses and continues to make them successful is a culture of service in the company. You can't just make a big company better at customer service. It has to be a core component of the company from it's inception, otherwise it can't scale and remain authentic.


you guys are killing it! and it's fun to watch....


This has been my number one complaint about google since Gmail came out. I'm all-for small, service-oriented customer service. Google could more-than do this, though, if they were inclined.


Nailed it! I think my favorite "Web Scale" disservice is the Support Forum. This is where you can go and write a post about your problem and see if some other service user can help you. It's more like a Commiseration Forum.

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