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Cool story. I remember the day well.

Didn't know you were from Ohio! I went to Ohio U.


I am a fan, too! I grew up in FL and as a kid, my dad was really into the space program, Kennedy and the dreams of going into space. We went to see the first launch, but it was scrubbed the day we went. With only three left, I think I'll go. My friends in FL say the night launches are really cool. We have a museum here in VA with a space shuttle. I've watched the movie Space Cowboys about 10 times!
And everyone knows, you can doing anything Brainiac.

Patt Wilson

I like this story Todd. It was quite the day for all of us. I too have been intimidated because I wasn't sure I could do something or had what it takes, although I am not sure that I always understood the feeling. I don't intimidate so easily anymore and am aware more of my short comings. I guess that's what owning your own business through thick or thin can do to someone.


Great post! Funny how events that seem random combine with things we avoid in fear and things so attractive we can't resist to take us where we are.

I was a few miles down the road in Indiana, packing for the same destination, leaving the next morning. I was a huge fan of the space program and anything that flies, but shuttle launches had become so routine (this was about #25 I think) that they weren't news and it was easy to forget what an amazing machine and process was in motion with every launch. I was packing my car when my Dad called from the office and said he had heard something happened to the Shuttle.

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