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nailed it Vernon.

Micah Baldwin

clearly...someone has been reading my blog... :)


It was a pleasure being your business development dude at Lijit...

Diane Bisgeier


Ajay Waghray

Really well done, exemplifies what I dealt with daily to a T!


I wish there was a book (as far as I know it doesn't exist - and I've looked). BusDev is often such a key yet misunderstood role - great job clarifying the role, the purpose and how it should fit with Sales and Marketing.

Steve Sanders

Cool topic. In my experience, there has been a relatively thoughtless approach to assigning titles on sales teams. My rule of thumb has always been this: If it carries a quota, it should probably be a sales position.

Jordans 4

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John May

In general this is true.  However, for some in the sales role it is intrinsically the same.  The opportunity to "solve for the company and the customer" often requires a unique perspective that may be unconventional but effective.  The result is that the money is the result from a succesful outfall from solving a problem.  Money is important to sales people for sure.  However, top sales people are driven by the desire to create and solve while getting to the end goal.  The money will inherently come from this process.  It then becomes a situation of creating a win for the company, the customer and the sales person.  Not all companies recognize that this approach develops a market or opportunity and are afraid to embrace the need to "break the status quo".  This can actually stifle future growth and expansion for a growing company as norms take over the ability to act dynamically for the customer and market which was the hallmark for growth in the first place.


Great Article. I loved reading every bit of it.
@John May - Great View +1

Retro Jordans

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I have been fighting against myself for a veery long time about being called a sales person and now I understand why. Now I need a proper job description to articulate the Business Development Manager role!

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