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Tara Anderson

I'm thinking you need to commit Facebook suicide. And this site allows you to do just that...



Austin Montgomery

I think you just wrote my favorite blog post of 2009.

"...but on average I generally don't like people. I like the small group of people I like, the others – I have no need for them. I probably put 30 people in my entire life into the 'friend' category."

I guess there are a few of us out there after all.

Daniel Weiss

I have to agree with you. I can honestly say that Facebook is now more of a liability than a productive networking tool.
Recently in the news there are instances of underage drinkers getting busted because they accidentally "friended" the local police department. There are sites popping up all over that expose the foibles and social missteps of facebook users sharing a bit too much with too many people.

I don't think they can offer me anything anymore.

Darby Vernon

Is this the Todd Vernon who killed his family? 'Cause I was wondering why they allow prisoners to have wifi...

Chris Wand

Dude, that's some seriously funny shit. Glad to know I'm not the only old crotchety person when it comes to Facebook.


But I enjoy seeing pictures of your car racing, etc. Just hide their feed.

Tiger Woods

Is this the Todd Vernon I partied with in Vegas?


dude you are sooooo old


Very well stated!!! Does this make me old for agreeing with you?

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