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I'd dumped the following into an email a few weeks ago. Thought I'd paste it here as we're seeing some similar things/use-cases/patterns.

"real-time search sucks from an end-user product offering standpoint (every service to-date is effectively useless though (disclosure I'm a shareholder in oneriot so want them to succeed obivously)). other than a somewhat interesting view of "trending topics" (twitter, oneriot, collecta, etc), the only end-user use cases that can be remotely solved right now are: one, "show me spike events that ppl are talking about right now" (e.g. earthquake), and two: "show me the topic cloud of what's going on right now"). the former use case is useful when you hear that something just happened ("plane crash!"), the latter use case is a snoozer. do you find yourself wondering "gee, what's trending right now"; probably not. let me put it another way, do you ever use oneriot or collecta for searching information? the initial value in the model is in "what's hot right now."

until there's purity/consistency in the streams of data that are being searched, this is going to remain a problem for RT search companies; highly limited usefulness."

todd vernon

Jud, great comments. I think a lot of what you point out comes back to "this is entertainment". There's nothing wrong with that of course, but its not the intent stream that has been harnessed by someone like Google and will likely not monetize as such.

Since I wrote this post Google has announced their social+real-time deal with twitter. I think this is a killer deal (mostly for Google, maybe for twitter) as it's the worlds most powerful social graph connected to the worlds most powerful search engine.

That said, Google probably won't mash the gas on it, BUT I think this certainly steps on the air-hose of others in the 'destination search' game that want to connect those dots. IMHO.

Google IS great destination horizontal search and Twitter is great "meaningful" social graph. There you go.

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