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well scribed my friend. location location location! where have I heard that before?

Tara Anderson

I am grateful every day for Lijit's move to Boulder. In addition to the fantastic culture, our office is now only a one-mile bike ride down the bike path from my house. If that doesn't make for a happy employee, I don't know what does.


Yes! but I would transform it to a different aspect: attitude of the company as set by the execs. I have worked with too many execs who see employees as interchangeable parts and workspace as a place with a roof where the employees crank out stuff. And fortunately I have been to places like lijit where walking in the front door hits you in the face with a blast of quirky, creative, human energy. You think "hmmm... something cool could happen here." If the culture is one of creating and respect for the talents of the people, it shows in a way that can be seen by every employee and customer (and potential employee and customer). I'm not sure the location matters as much as the fact that the CEO *cares* about the location.

Brad Wisler

Boulder's physical environment and vibrant culture promotes connectivity. This is a critical component to the success of startups. Success is where preparation meets opportunity, right? Well, you're screwed if you're physically isolated from opportunity. Bloomington, IN has the same kind of environment, even though our startup scene is younger than Boulder's. Being downtown where you can walk or bike wherever you need to go creates countless random run-ins with opportunity. If you've never been here, check out http://sproutbox.com/what/bloomington for a peek.


This is a VERY intersting topic Todd. I would argue that here in the Front Range of Colorado, there are four areas where seasoned senior executives live: Boulder/Longmont, Central Denver, Evergreen/Genesee, and Cherry Hills/Greenwood Village.

I agree that Boulder is a great place for a company to be located. No argument there. That said, if the goal is to make the company (reasonably) accessible to as much senior talent as possible, the Company should be located close to downtown Denver. It's the one place where you can attract employees from all four pools of talent.

Not questioning how great it is to be in Boulder. Merely sugguesting a different axis upong which to view the question.

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