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lame yes, but reality is that anyone w/ a "large" distribution channel to a desktop falls to this temptation. "free money."

Stan James

Amen. If it weren't for the Facebook photo uploader, I would uninstall Java from all of my family's machines. Stupid toolbars, the superfluous icons in the system tray, and outrageous resource hoging, all make Java seem more and more like crapware than a useful tool.


Sun has a revenue stream???

Scott Lasica

I'm completely with you on this. I just had to install a new version of flash, and it tried to dump the toolbar on me too.


I was kinda surprised the first time an installer tried to install the Google toolbar "for me." I'd expect it for adware or something, but GOOG and YHOO?

Todd Vernon

@all I have to say, the more I think about this the more it makes me mad. If you really think about it and draw it out to its logical conclusion, Sun is basically saying "Fuck it, we can't make money on servers" lets just install shit on peoples computers by tricking them.

Tom Jordan

Sun's in good company. :)

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