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Brad Feld

I couldn't agree more. I was surprised the first time I saw it and thought it might default to Skip this offer eventually. Hah.

Ross Carlson

I'm seeing this more and more too. We're all used to the bottom right hand button being the "default submit" button that we just start to mindlessly click there. I booked a trip through Orbitz and it took me at least 10 extra minutes just making sure I wasn't accidentally adding the "extra" charges (from shows to massages, etc, all turn on by default). Trying to get me to buy extra services is all well and good but trying to trick me into useless shit is, well, not.

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Wow! That pisses me off. Credit card companies pull the same junk. It feels like you always need to watch your back with those things.

- Mike Michalowicz

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