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Andy Fanton

Todd is right - Magic Backup has no storage limit, so you can back up all of your stuff for $5 per month. It is pretty impractical to backup any more than about 10-15 GB over the Internet, but if you have the patience, we'll provide the storage. There are some tech savvy users who have tons of data to store, and we're happy to have them as customers. There are also many more less sophisticated users who have much less data to store, so from a business perspective, the averages play in our favor.

Todd Vernon

@Andy thanks for the comment. Personally, i think this model is awesome. Look forward to my 14 more days of trial!

Scott Lasica

Looks interesting. Is this something that is targeted at home users or corporations also? We're currently trying to figure out how to do effecient backup and the "ship external drives to the field people" plan failed miserably.

Andy Fanton

The current release is targeted at home users, but is also quite suitable for corporate "field people" who need their machines backed up. We are currently putting finishing touches on our "Magic Backup Enterprise" release which adds support for centralized account administration, provisioning and billing. The client agent software is essentially the same, minus the necessity for the end user to purchase an individual subscription. This new version, with the added bells and whistles for IT administrators, is scheduled for a September release.

I'd love to talk to you about your experience with backup and get your feedback on our enterprise design. Please feel free to contact me through the support link on the MagicBackup.com web site if you're interested!

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