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Flickr isn't really an option -- at least not for free, as free accounts now will show only the last 200 photos. (One of those arcane little limits you never know about until you hit it.)


I still think this is a great idea. I’d rather buy shrink-wrapped or download instead of pay monthly--I’d feel like being held for ransom if I had to pay every month to see my media. This brings up a really cool idea of micro-communities, where a group that has a lot of computers can distribute content to make it secure and redundant: say a family, school, organization, any group of N people who have something in common. Kinda like a credit union: share the resources, share the risk.

Todd Vernon

@rando: That is a great idea. Rather than just random people out there, you can feel like you photo parts are at least in a community of people you trust.

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