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Miguel Acevedo

I was browsing for news on directv, when I came across your blog, I also love directv and their programming, but I have had similar experiences with them, plus the frustration and stress you get when asking for service you deserve as customer, I don't need to explain my story, because your story is mine too..

Richard Walker

I've had the same experience. The HD DVR sent by directtv is junk. This seems that it would be a candidate for a class action lawsuit.

Edmund Nichols

Ironwood was a no-show for the 3rd installation appointment in a row. I never received a call notifying me that they had to cancel. I finally got a supervisor that was willing to work with me: "Carri" direct line @ Ironwood is 303-209-8969. She admitted that only 2 out of ever 5 HD-DVRs are working properly and that it would be better to just go with the HD receiver and wait for the HD-DVRs to get the bugs worked out- which I'm going to do. Good luck all & Happy Holidays -ed

Deborah Lopez

My story is the same as yours ... but how can I get Directv to take back the piece of junk and credit me the $300 I spent? I will happily go to Tivo, but I refuse to give these guys $300 for nothing but a junk box, crappy service and about 10 lost hours of my time. They won't credit me. How did you do it?

todd vernon

See my followup Deborah, the short of it is the machine beat me down. I just sent it back and thanked god I didn't have to call anyone about it again. $300 lession learned.



I have had the famous $499 lease and switch done to me. No one told me I was only leasing the equip. for the purchase price though. Have contacted a class action attorney, will let you know.


I'm making the switch to Comcast today. I got a new Sony HDTV this week and was excited about getting my DirecTV upgraded. Called them and placed the order. TWO months for the next available appointment. Comcast? 4 - 7 days. Called DTV back and she told me I that she has had the same thing happening the past month. They are loosing customers.


I am sorry that you had a bad experience. I own a Satellite Installation company and was recently awarded a directv installation contract. I personally HATE poor customer service. I give my word to all of you out there that my company will never produce the kind of expereince that you recently had. I spend everyday in my Call Center listening to my customers insuring that they are happy. Before any technician arrives or leaves the customer residence I have a specialist go over every part of the job that was performed. If the customer is not 100% satisfied, we send a manager out that day. I'm sorry that you went through this and I feel like I can really make an impact on Directv's service. Good luck in the future.

John - TX

I have a question... Why has no one here mentioned Dish Network? I have had Dishnet's Platinum pak for almost two years, with no problems. And despite what cable AND DTV claims... they DO have the most HD channels BAR NONE! I have been installing Dish for 4 yrs, and used to listen to other installers complain that DTV's system is more robust and reliable, and after recently switching to being a DTV installer, I have found that claim to be TOTALLY FALSE! DTV has done just as much STUPIDITY in the design of their system lately as Dish. (ie factory disabling the Input button on their remotes, and locking out the menu on rec's with no signal.) If you want good HD service, and DVR, there is no better way to go than Dish Network. John - disgruntled DTV installer

FYI: As a DishNet contractor, we actually used to consider DTV experience a negative when looking at prospective contractors. We found most of them to not even be trainable!


You want service next day call my wife and me, we have just started our own business. Here's why:

My wife worked for one of the contractors you listed above. She has eighteen years experience between cable and satellite. She's installed, serviced, and worked in the corporate offices, accounting, she has her degree. She's worked sixteen hour days, seven days a week for the last three months, and for her efforts she was replaced. I got home one day and she said she'd been laid off. Why? Because she was burned out, she was tired to the point of exhaustion. Two weeks of sleep and complete rest it took for her to recouperate. Instead of hanging her head low,a job she was to train her replacements for none the loess, she and I have just opened our own company. My wife told me that now she can offer the "proper" installation and "service" that individuals expect, that she expects. She told me we're not going to be millionaires because we're both too honest and neither of us walk on our friends to climb the ladder of so called success. My wife just wants to do what she does best and I'm behind her all of the way. If you're not happy with the service don't sign off on the work order, call the main office of Direct TV and file an Office Of the President complaint. You'll get results. You'll be happier with satellite, it's just that you didn't find the right "installer" to do the job well, right, and accurately.

enemy of one

Hey, I am an Installer, and I think I recognize that mini-van. I think the guy works for a company called Sat Pro...

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