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Isn't it astounding what a piece of shit this Comcast DVR is? How can they ship something so crappy. It is so insanely irritating to have that piece of crap freeze in fast forward mode. My wife and daughter want to strangle me everytime they try to watch Survivor. If you are familiar with Tivo, you know it is the polar opposite -- it works right, all the time, every time.


Got my POS last week because I moved and have too many trees at the new place to install my DirecTV HD Tivo. Very sad.

The Comcast unit is appalling, I've experienced all "modes" above. I'm thinking of just not watching TV anymore and living off the iTunes music store and a big iMac in the living room for the few shows I watch.

The whole HDTV, DVR, Cable, Satellite thing is quite frankly an embarrassing mess. Yep, I'll do video podcasts, iptv, itunes, bittorrent and perhaps I'll take a look again in a couple years.

Mark Ainsworth

Yep, been through 4 of these POS' Comcast doesn't want to admit that they have a shit product. Just waiting until April when my contract is up, and it's back to DirecTV or Dish for us!

Motorola you SUCK!

Head Nod from SJC

We have two of the POS boxes and one Tivo in our house, and I can not agree with you more. Unbelievable power hungry piece of s***.

Random lockups, takes 2 mins to respond to the remote.

I can't wait till they get rid of the Motorola software and provide the Tivo option.


We're on our third Comcast POS DT HD DVR now and woo-hoo...it's just as irratating as the first two. It displays all of the above issues and then some. Right now it needs it's own A.C. and it's not even summer!

We have two TiVo's and love them to bits but wanted to wait and see if the TiVo S3's would come down in price or what the Comcast/TiVo box will be like.

We may end up with an S3 and just tell Comcast/Motorola to keep their POS!

Thanks for everyone's posts...misery loves company!


I googled "comcast dvr is a piece of shit" out of sheer frustration. I'm glad I found these posts...hilarious and true. Makes me feel better about my anger towards a tiny little box (not to mention Comcast). I will hook the cable straight up to the TV minus the box. who needs that headache?


I've only recently run across the Mystery Black Screen issue. Though it certainly isn't the first issue I've had with the Comcast DVR. I went through the system muting itself somehow, and the remote control lock-ups, too. Shame on me for paying so much for such a piece of crap.


So do yall have problems with the stupid thing overheating? Mine doe and it forgets its a DVR and I have to unplug it and reboot. I have it in an entertainment center. The tech guy said I should move it outside the entertainment center so it gets plenty of fresh air. What gives with that ? I buy nice furniture and video audio rack so everything has its own shelf and looks nice and thats the one piece I need to move outside and now make my tv stand look junky. go figure.


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