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When first got my Comcast DVR, I thought it was great to have 2 tuners and be able to record 2 programs while watching a third I had recorded earlier. Unfortunately, I've had constant problems with my Comcast DVR. Comcast even replaced my cable box, and I still have problems with it. After working for about two months my DVR is not working YET AGAIN. None of the DVR functions(pause, rewind record) work, it's as if my cable box "forgot" that it is a DVR! I am about to call the cable company now and see whats up. Comcast's Internet service & cable is pretty decent, but their DVR feature's reliability is DREADFUL.


Never mind the DVR, my cable TV's been completely out for three days. Oh, and what I said about their Internet service being decent? You can scratch that - my Internet access has been out or extremely slow for about the same length of time, even though it seems to be OK right at this moment, knock on wood.

Thank God, they are sending a technician out Friday. I just hope he knows what the hell he's doing.

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