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I knew recruiters are seeking access to high school kids and their info, but 12 year olds!? I don't think they are signing up kids that young yet, so it is kinda chilling to think what the purpose is-- indoctrination? Kids that age are so vulnerable to suggestion and fear and insecurity anyway so it is scary to give so much access to a group with that kind of agenda.

Would be interesting to know what they present to those kids. And (ref your nintendogs post) do they have different presentations for boys and girls? Or do they use the personal information on kids to target messages even more specifically?

I was targeted by Navy recruiters in high school because I did well on a test (do they still sneak in the ASVAB test?). The recruiter was persistent and obnoxious, calling, dropping by unannounced, not taking no for an answer. He wasn't interested in what I wanted--I liked electronics, he was pushing nuclear subs. Can't imagine these people have gotten more interested in what's best for kids over the years, just more manipulative.


We are fortunate indeed to live in a world where you have the leisure to get your knickers in a twist about this.

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