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A friend told me about TowerStream (https://www.towerstream.com). Could be worth looking into - 12Gb for $1299, don't have to deal with telcos and ISPs, etc. Not sure if Boulder has coverage yet.

I just moved into temporary space in downtown Boston. "We have three DS3s shared bandwidth." We were maxing out at 50kbs yesterday...takes a while to download stuff from MSDN at that speed. Maybe it's time to upgrade to a Window office so I can stick a WiMax antenna outside... :)


Check out SharedBand @ CES (www.sharedband.com). They seem to have a software/router combo that is cheap and does exactly what you want. I don't work for them, just saw the demo and was impressed...

Tom Jordan

As for your last idea, yeah, why not? Plug them all into a switch supporting vlan tagging, then run a linux box as a router (cheap) supporting tags, then spread the load. Why wouldn't you do that and stay cheap?
BTW - are you sure the uplink is your issue? 900 up should be fine up for 7 down, depending on your usage patterns. I'm assuming you've watched the net and you know uplink speed is your problem. People would still be using one adsl link or another, but at least it would be 27/3 per line, rather than all 27 on one. Heck, get them from different providers and you get redundancy in the deal, just keep your linux box up, but you could make that redundant as well.

Brad Dupee

try a peplink device: www.peplink.com

we use multiple circuits, T1's and DSL circuit on one for this reason.

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