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Hi Todd. Excellent post and great tips!


excellent and wise advice! but I got caught up in the train wreck photos--nice supporting graphics!

here is one of my favorites, from the cover of a good book I bought a while ago:

Even more topical since (a) the book title relates to false precision and (b) the author teaches at UC Boulder

I actually found and bought a poster of the photo just because... it is cool.

Todd Vernon

@rando Awesome, now thats a train wreck. I would love to know then story behind that.

Mike Michalowicz (I'm a TPE)

Wonderful post. Having done my a roadshow years back, all your comments resonate with me.

- Mike

Mitchell Ashley

Spot on blog post, Todd. I couldn't agree more with what you've said.

The other one I'd add is "we don't have any competitors". Big sign you need to understand the market before you reach that train wreck ahead.


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