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Where can I get more information about Humane Society event?
And why don't you have CBS 4 Weekend Morning news on the Tivo? I hear it's the best one of all :-)

Todd Vernon

@Ericka: Just click the picture above and you should get all the info you need. I'm sure i could dig up more info for the BoulderReport as well :-)

As for the Tivo, sadly my wife controls all that :-)


I just wanted to add that Todd and I moved here from California where the local pounds would only keep an animal for 3 days before it was destroyed. In general out there, if you found a stray, you either kept it or found a home for it yourself. This was how Todd and I picked up three animals ourselves -- off the street. That's part of what makes the Boulder Humane Society so special for me. As a no-kill shelter, they do an amazing job of saving, training, and finding homes for animals.

michael jones

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