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Ross Carlson

Well let me see, since you've so graciously put me on the spot! I've never seen that personally with Acrobat/Vista but I will say it's a big ole fat piece of shit. I die a little bit each time I use Acrobat due to the licensing stuff.

The only thing I think I can suggest is you walking your butt down here with your laptop and letting me take a look, then I can let everyone know how I fixed it (or how miserably I failed!)

Terry Gold

I'm not surprised. A lot of software still isn't up to XP standards, much less Vista. Windows is finally acting like a real operating system with security and such, and it's breaking some software that assumes it can do anything it pleases.

Ross, can you look at my car computer next? I didn't realize your services were so freely available!

Todd Vernon

@Terry: Ok, but Adobe? Seems like they are flipping Microsoft the bird if they haven't updated for Vista by now. Is Vista here to stay?


I completely gave up on Acrobat on Vista. Basically take a super-bloated OS and a super-bloated application and I can't see why we should expect it to work. I’m sure someone will tell you it works but I don’t buy it. If you need to create PDFs (like most of the world does) try this https://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ . It’s free and not nearly the beast that Acrobat has become.

Todd Vernon

@Greg: Thanks I will check it out. It blows my mind that getting this to work doesn't seem to be an emergency for either Adobe or Microsoft. Amazing...

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