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Micah Baldwin

hence my quote "Sometimes the best way to learn to duck, is get punched in the face."

What is inherent in that quote is putting yourself in a position to get punched in the face. I would rather work for a guy that spends his time thinking about how to push forward, than someone who is too worried about the impending cliff.

It sucks that we wont be on TechCrunch as an article, but its good to know its because of the early RRW post, rather than the quality of the content.


I'd be lying if I said that TechCrunch coverage wasn't important. But still, this particular hiccough is not going to be the thing that makes or breaks your company.

Jim Turner

There is plenty of room under the bus for all of us. The next story is the cool stuff that Lijit is doing with the purchase. Perhaps that is the real breaking story that TechCrunch will feature.


Ouch. Been there, seen that.

Being an old-timer at PR, I fondly recall the days when you _faxed_ press releases to people, because then "NOT FOR RELEASE BEFORE XXXXX" would be in big bold letters stamped across the top.

Moving forward, you really have two things to consider:

1) How important is Techcrunch coverage for your business (not the same as "how badly do you want it")

2) How much preferential treatment would you give to TC over other news outlets?

At the end of the day, all media outlets like an exclusive and there simply aren't enough to go around. So you have to figure out if you can create an interesting exclusive that will appeal to TC and also decide if you're willing to give it only to them...

Maybe you should add an "Arrington" button to your widget. That should get his attention :-)


good call. I am sure you will be rewarded later down the line. You officially have good TC karma.

Quick question. BigSwerve had my favorite internet app that I never got to fully exhaust with my opml. I was wondering if Lijit will expose the BigS front-end search tools to the web?

I was using one of those tools to find new bloggers by getting a list of all commenters on my favorite blogs. For example, tell me the URLs of every commenter on techcrunch. This is a great source for finding new blogs but currently is too manual a process to research..I would guess 50% of commenters on techrunch link to their own blog in their comment.

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